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Work set by Miss James – July 13th

Home Learning Nursery 

Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well, I am missing you all lots! Well done to everyone who is uploading their work to HWB! You are doing a fantastic job! There are videos on our website showing you how to access HWB, you can upload videos and photos to your files to show me what you have been doing. There is a video on the website that shows how to do this too!

Here are the next tasks for you to complete with a grown up at home, we are going to be learning about fairy tales! Take photos of the things that you are doing and upload them to HWB, I will be able to see what you are doing and leave a comment! If you see a speech bubble on your work, click this and you will see my comments.

Take care,

Miss James x

Daily Do’s- These are the different things that we do in school every day.

  • Phonics- practise the learning the letter sound by sight and using the letter formation jingles to help you write the sound. There are Phonics videos on the website which can help you with this.
  • Practise counting to 10, forwards and backwards.
  • Singing nursery rhymes, choose a different rhyme for each day!
  • Practise writing your name, use the letter formation jingles to help you.
  • Days of the week, what day is it today? Teach your grown-ups at home our days of the week song.
  • The weather, we talk about the weather in English and Welsh. Teach your grown-ups at home our weather song… Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw…
  • Reading stories choose a story to share every day. Talk about the pictures with your grown-ups at home, what is happening? How are the characters feeling? What do you think will happen next? There is a Cbeebies Bedtime story app, you can download it for free and there are lots of different stories!

Here are some different videos that we watch in school to help our learning. You can watch them on YouTube.

Kids TV 123 (Channel)/                                           Singing Walrus (Channel)

Phonics Song 1, 2,3.
Days of the week song
Shapes Song 2
Months of the year song
Big Numbers
Counting by 2s.
10 Little Numbers
Let’s Count Up to 10- Counting Song

This week:

  1. Why did the White Rabbit run away from Alice?
  2. How did Alice become smaller to fit through the door?
  3. Where did Alice get stuck?
  4. Who is having a tea party?
  5. What colour flowers does the Queen of Hearts like?
  6. When did Alice feel angry?


  • Can you match the sounds to each character’s name? I have shared this activity to your Shared File. Do not forget to click save!
  • Create your own magic Drink Me potion, write down a list of different things that you will need to make your own potion e.g. 2 flowers, 3 jam tarts etc! Try and use different items that we see in the story. Can you write the number and the ingredients for your potion!
  • Make your own Eat Me and Drink Me labels for different items of food and drink from your house! Practise writing the words independently!
  • Sort the characters in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in to 2 groups. I have shared this activity to your Shared File. Do not forget to click edit in the left-hand corner and click save! Which group has the most? Can you think of any other ways to sort the characters?
  • In the story, Alice turns big and small by eating and drinking from the Eat Me and Drink Me bottles! Can you circle the big characters using red pen and circle the small characters using blue pen? I have shared this to your Shared File. Do not forget to click save!
  • There are playing cards in the story, have you got playing cards in your houses? I have shared this to your Shared File. Count the amount on each playing card and write the correct number underneath. Use the number formation jingles to help you. Do not forget to click save!
  • Can you make your own magic potions, I want you to try and make purple, orange, green and pink potions! Do you know what colours mix to make these colours?
  • The characters have different feelings in the story, the Queen of Hearts is angry, the White Rabbit is worried and the Cheshire Cat is smiling. What makes you feel these different emotions?
  • Have your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Can you make special hats to wear like the Mad Hatter has?
  • Can you create your own Wonderland artwork? What would your wonderland look like? Who would you see there?
  • Take part in Alice in Wonderland yoga at home!


I have loved seeing all the hard work that you have been doing at home! Have a lovely Summer holidays and I hope that I can see you all soon!

Take care,

Miss James