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Year 5 / Year 6


Following from last week, Year 5/6 have applied their skills and completed their debates. The children worked collaboratively to create a script and decided on roles. They came out to the front of the class and presented their debate on their motion ‘Machines are having a bad impact on jobs, education, health and environment’. Year 5/6 worked really hard on their debates and showed deepened understanding of their topic as they had to respond to and ask questions that they were not prepared for. They also showed great confidence and teamwork. Da iawn Year 5/6!


This week Y4/5 and Y5/6 enjoyed a visit from XL Wales. The children were set a task to work collaboratively to build a model of a windmill using K’NEX. The children were set different challenges to build a windmill with sails that turn and use pulleys and cogs to explore movement in order to carry out various tasks. The children deepened their knowledge by finding out about how windmills were used in the past compared to now and demonstrated how forces can cause both linear and rotary motion, and that pulleys and gears can be used to transfer those forces. Gwaith bendigedig! 


This week the school enjoyed a visit from the ‘Welsh Whisper’. Andrew spent some time in each class where the children worked collaboratively to create a ‘Godrergraig song’. The children created the song with the help from Andrew of all the things they love about Godrergraig. We then got together as a school to perform the song and enjoyed a performance from Andrew. The children created a fantastic song that really represents the school and our community. Da iawn pawb!