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Number Formation Jingles

These Jingles are used to teach children the correct formation and orientation of numbers. This ensures that numbers are started and ended in the correct place. We teach the Jingles early to avoid bad habits which are difficult to reverse. The Jingles relate to the successful Jolly Phonic letter formation actions and songs, providing the children with a pre-cursor and a friendly image to establish a familiar link.  


number  picture  jingle 
0  orange  Zero – all around the orange we go 



1  stick  One – like a stick, a straight line down nice and quick 


2  train and track  Two – around and back on the railway track, two two, two two 


3  bee  Three – buzz around and around like a bee, that’s the way we make a three 


4  Door and floor  Four – down the door and across the floor, one more line for number four 


5  chubby man and hat  Five – short neck, belly fat, number five wears a hat 


6  aeroplane  Six – fly the plane, do some tricks make a loop it’s number six 


7  clouds  Seven – across the sky and down from heaven that’s the way we make a seven 


8  snake and arrow track  Eight – slither down the snake, back up and draw his mate 


9  loop and line  Nine – A loop then a line makes a nine 






stick and orange  Ten – one comes first, so draw the stick, then the orange again to make a ten