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Daily Dos Foundation Phase

Hope you are all okay and keeping safe and well.  We are missing you all.

Here is a little something incase some of you want a bit of a routine but we are also aware that it is a stressful time at the moment so it doesnt have to be followed just some ideas for you.

Try to be up and dressed to enjoy the Joe Wicks PE sessions live on youtube at 9am, Monday to Friday.

When the children are in school this is what we do daily:

We talk about what day of the week it is and use this link……

We also talk about what month of the year it is and use this link ….


We count daily we start by counting from 0 – 100 –

back from 20 to 0,

counting in 2’s to 20,

counting in 10’s too 100 –

5s to 50  –

We also count to 20 in welsh.  –

Everyday we do phonics and practise our letter formation this can be done outside using chalk, paintbrush and water, using a whiteboard, paint and paper or with pencil and paper –

Also jolly phonics can be found on the drop down menu  under phonics.

Cuddle up together and enjoy lots of stories together, or your favourite film, read, read, read, draw a picture together Draw with Rob is fab on YouTube and play games together.  Do a jigsaw/ puzzle and build a den out of blankets and spend time together. Take care and look after yourselves and hope to see you all soon xx