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Work Set by Miss James – June 6th

Home Learning Nursery –6th July 2020 

Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well, I am missing you all lots! Well done to everyone who is uploading their work to HWB! You are doing a fantastic job! There are videos on our website showing you how to access HWB, you can upload videos and photos to your files to show me what you have been doing. There is a video on the website that shows how to do this too!  

Here are the next tasks for you to complete with a grown up at home, we are going to be learning about fairy tales! Take photos of the things that you are doing and upload them to HWB, I will be able to see what you are doing and leave a comment! If you see a speech bubble on your work, click this and you will see my comments. 

Take care,  

Miss James x  

Daily Do’s- These are the different things that we do in school every day. 

  • Phonics- practise the learning the letter sound by sight and using the letter formation jingles to help you write the sound. There are Phonics videos on the website which can help you with this. 
  • Practise counting to 10, forwards and backwards. 
  • Singing nursery rhymes, choose a different rhyme for each day! 
  • Practise writing your name, use the letter formation jingles to help you. 
  • Days of the week, what day is it today? Teach your grown-ups at home our days of the week song. 
  • The weather, we talk about the weather in English and Welsh. Teach your grown-ups at home our weather song… Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw 
  • Reading stories choose a story to share every day. Talk about the pictures with your grown-ups at home, what is happening? How are the characters feeling? What do you think will happen next? There is a Cbeebies Bedtime story app, you can download it for free and there are lots of different stories! 

Here are some different videos that we watch in school to help our learning. You can watch them on YouTube. 

Kids TV 123 (Channel)Singing Walrus (Channel)

Phonics Song 1, 2,3. 
Days of the week song
Shapes Song 2
Months of the year song
Big Numbers
Counting by 2s.
10 Little Numbers
Let’s Count Up to 10- Counting Song 

This week: 

  • We are going to be finding out about Little Red Riding Hood! First you will need to listen to the story and answer the questions 
  1. Why did Little Red Riding Hood stop in the forest? 
  1. Should Little Red Riding Hood speak to the wolf? 
  1. How did the wolf trick Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother? 
  1. What did Little Red Riding Hood notice about her Grandmother that was different to normal? 
  1. When did Little Red Riding Hood realise that her Grandmother was actually the wolf? 
  1. Where did Little Red Riding Hood run so that she was away from the wolf? 
  1. Who helped Little Red Riding Hood? 


  • I have shared new sounds for you to practise in to the Shared File. Do not forget to click save! 
  • In the story, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother tells her to go straight to her Grandmother’s house. Can you make a map for Little Red Riding Hood to help her to go straight to her Grandmother’s? Talk about different directions with your grownups at home e.g. forward, backwards, turn etc. 
  • Little Red Riding Hood is going to visit her Grandmother, can you make your own Family Tree at home using pictures of your family e.g. mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparents. Take a photo and upload to HWB! 
  • Little Red Riding Hood has a big problem! Her cape is not waterproof and she needs to take cakes to her Grandmother’s in the rain! Can you make a waterproof cape for Little Red Riding Hood? First, look at the materials of your waterproof coats, what do you notice? What do they feel like? Test out different materials on a doll/toy at home to see if they get wet when sprayed with water! I can’t wait to see what you make! 
  • Listen to this weather listening activity, what sounds can you hear? 
  • I have shared a counting activity to the Shared File. Can you count the amount of people and match the right number to each group! You will need to click edit in the left-hand corner! Do not forget to click save! 
  • I have shared an addition activity if your child is confident with counting objects, talk about how many altogether! Don’t forget to click save. 
  • Can you write your own shopping list for Grandmother? She needs some healthy food! What is your favourite healthy food? Try and write the words independently, you can draw pictures too! 
  • Go on a red hunt in your house or outdoors! What can you find? 
  • Go on a walk around your local area (or woodlands if they are close!), what can you see, hear and smell? Can you take some paper and pencils and do some tree rubbings, what do you notice? 
  • Can you and your family pretend to be different characters from the story? How do you think the wolf talks? Take a video and upload to HWB! 
  • Little Red Riding Hood talks to the wolf and tells him where she is going but he is a stranger! Talk about stranger danger with your family at home. Should we talk to people that we do not know? 
  • You could make your own cakes like Little Red Riding Hood too! 


Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what you are all doing! Thank you for working so hard and thank you to grown-ups too! 

Take care, 

Miss James