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Work set by Mrs Jones – July 6th


Here we are again at the beginning of another week and I must say how lovely it was to see some of you again this week, I have really missed you all. For those of you who weren’t able to come in to school, don’t worry, we all completely understand the reasons why and look forward to seeing you when you do come back.


Here are two reports written by children about their favourite things. Read them carefully and notice how they have both written in paragraphs, both used an introduction to say what they are writing about and both used the present tense.


Neil’s report has lots of interesting information about his Grandad but he could improve the middle 2 paragraphs by grouping the sentences slightly differently. Can you help him sort out his paragraphs by rewriting his sentences into two new paragraphs which tell the reader about ‘things Grandad likes’ and ‘something funny about Grandad’.


Write a report of your own about either your favourite person or your favourite place. Don’t forget:


Present tense

Group similar facts together

And when you have finished, reread your writing to make sure it all makes sense and reread a second time to check your punctuation.



This week I would like you to think about some common letter strings. Look at the words in set A and find the ‘partner’ in set B with the same letter string. Write each pair of words together and then see how many other words you can think of with the same letter string pattern.


Catch   strange   mice   came   could   mail


Twice   failure   snatch   change   blame   would



Some practice of subtraction for you. You can choose to either work it out as a compact calculation or if it makes it easier you can expand it to the different values as shown in the example. Don’t forget to borrow from the next column if you don’t have enough!


  1. 183 – 56 =
  2. 465 – 38 =
  3. 431 – 19 =
  4. 557 – 39 =
  5. Choose your own 3 digit number. Subtract 48.
  6. Put all of your answers in order from largest to smallest.


This week you will be investigating how to best overcome the effect of air resistance and gravity on a paper plane to make it fly in different ways. Follow these instructions to make a plane fly in different directions then see if you can adapt the design to make a paper plane fly for as long as possible. Time your flights and make a chart of the times which you can upload with a photo of your ultimate design onto your HWB work file.