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Work set by Mrs Sweeney – July 6th

Home Learning Week 11


Hi Everyone.

It was great to see some of you this week and catch up with all your news.

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe, well and happy. I cannot believe that we only have 2 weeks left to this Summer Term.  It has been a very strange time for us all. Here is this week’s work for you to have a go at to keep you busy!



Think of some words to make the sentences interesting.


I have done the first two for you with my ideas.

You cannot copy my ideas!

The beautiful garden has colourful flowers and a fish pond.

My brother has short golden hair and sparkling, blue eyes.


The    _____ garden has _______flowers and a _______   __________.


In the ____________ night, I can hear ____________ _____________.


My brother has______  _____hair and ____________, _________ eyes.


The flower has______ petals and has a long ________ stalk.


The ______     _________dog has a ______________bark.



Read the story about The Lion and the Mouse.  There are some words down the bottom of the page for you to use to fill in the gaps.

Then, change the title of the story to a title of your own and think of other words to fill in the gaps.

My idea was the Tiger and the Rabbit!


Have a look at these one step maths problems. Remember when we are school we always think about the information that is really important for us to be able to work out the problems. Remember to show your workings.


Here are some near doubles and near doubles for you to work out.


We are hearing lots of things in the news about different places England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Read of the facts and try and answer the questions.

You can use Google to do the research if you need to but remember to ask an adult to use the internet.


Here are some short films for you to watch about where we live and our country.

Remember to ask a grown up to use the internet and You Tube.


  1. What is the current population in Wales?
  2. Where in Wales is Snowdonia? South Wales or North Wales?
  3. What is the capital of Wales?
  4. What is Wales in Welsh?
  5. What is the largest city in Wales?
  6. Is there a castle in Cardiff?
  7. How tall is Snowdon?
  8. On the map put a cross where you think Pontardawe is.
  9. What are the names of the Channel closest to Swansea?
  10. How many letters in the longest place in Wales?
  11. How many castles are there in Wales?


Research Time!


This week the children that came to school we took some time to talk about some of the things that interest us. We found a great website with lots of different facts and so we could do some research.

Have a look at the website and find a topic that interests you to do your own research. Some of the topics are rivers, volcanoes, rainforests, glaciers and lakes, human body, planets, sound and light facts and many more.

Let me know what you decide to research and tell me what you found out.

Remember you can log onto Hwb and upload your work for me to see.

Some of you have been printing off the work to do and that’s fine too.


Have a great week everyone.