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Home Learning Nursery

Hello boys and girls! I hope you are all safe and staying at home! I am missing your lovely faces. Here are some tasks for you to complete with a grown up at home, keep an eye on the website as more task will be uploaded. You could take photos of your work and share with us when we are back in school or you could use paper and bring your work in school!

Take care,

Miss James x

Practise different letter sounds, recognising them by sight and practising to write the sounds using the letter formation jingles. You could watch the Jolly Phonics videos on YouTube too.

You could write the sounds outside using chalks or water on a paintbrush! You could practise writing in magic glitter, shaving foam, sand, flour, using paint etc. You could go on a sound hunt around your house/garden, write each sound on a piece of paper and when the sound is found say the sound! Find different things in your house/garden that begin with these different sounds. Play I Spy… something beginning with… etc.

Practise counting objects and recognising different numbers.

Go on a number hunt around your house, where can you find different numbers? Make numbers out of different things you can find in your house e.g. using play dough, pebbles, sticks, pipe cleaners, Lego etc. There are lots of lovely games that we have played in school on Top Marks which help with counting objects/recognising numbers. They are Teddy Numbers, Underwater Counting and Ladybird Spots.

You could practise counting different objects in your house e.g. your favourite teddies. How many teddies have you got? How many have we got if we add one/two more? How many have we got if we take one away (one less?) Splitting your objects up into two different groups, how many have you got in the 1st group? How many have you got in the 2nd group? How many have we got altogether?

Practise writing numbers in lots of different ways using the number formation jingles to help you; you could use rice, salt sugar, glitter pens etc.

Collect different items in your house to make your own home shop. Practise counting out different coins to pay for your item! Have a go at writing your own shop tags using the number formation jingles to help.

Choose your favourite toy and put it in different places around your house/garden! Put your toy under, in, next to, on and in between different things! Next swap jobs! Your grown up can hide your toy in different places e.g. under, in, next to, on, in between and you can say where your toy is!

Finding different big and small things in your house, talk about which is the biggest, which is the smallest? Can you put them in size order! Take a photo!

Shape Hunt! Find different shapes in your house/garden. What can you find? Top Marks have a game Shape Monster which supports understanding of shapes.

Go on a sound walk around your house/garden. What sounds can you hear in different places e.g. birds singing, the TV, people talking etc. Draw pictures of the things that you find.

Make something that is special to you. Why is it special to you?

Singing different Nursery rhymes, learn a new Nursery rhyme.

Make a basic treasure map, to find special items in your house/garden! Use the words forwards, backwards, turn etc.

Talking about our favourite food. Where does it come from in the world? Find out the favourite food of different members of your family, where does that food come from in the world?

Here are some different videos that we watch in school to help our learning. You can watch them on YouTube.

Kids TV 123 (Channel) Singing Walrus (Channel)
Phonics Song 1, 2,3. Days of the week song
Shapes Song 2 Months of the year song
Big Numbers
Counting by 2s.
10 Little Numbers
Opposites Song
Let’s Count Up to 10- Counting Song