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Work set by Mr Morris – 15th June

Home learning Week 8


Hi everyone – hope you had a good week.

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English (Comprehension)

Read through the following poem and answer the questions.


Falling Asleep By B. J. Lee

I go to bed.

I close my eyes,

but spectres

in my mind arise.

I punch my pillow,

toss and moan.

Clearly, I

am not alone.

I crack an eyelid,

scan the room –

that’s when I see

dark shadows loom.

I rub my eyes

so hard they burn.

I crumple up

my sheets and turn.

I struggle, wrestle

through the night,

then, finally,

at dawn’s first light:

as sunbeams ’cross

my window creep,

I shudder twice







  1. Why can’t the person in this poem fall asleep?
  2. He or she is not tired.
  3. He or she is feeling afraid.
  4. He or she is in an uncomfortable bed.
  5. He or she is worried about school.


  1. How long does the person in the poem stay awake in bed?
  2. an hour or two
  3. until midnight
  4. until morning
  5. until dusk


  1. Which word is a synonym for spectre?
  2. dream
  3. sleep
  4. headache
  5. ghost


  1. What does the word loom mean?
  2. to move about
  3. to tower over
  4. to come closer
  5. to make quiet sounds


  1. Which word is a synonym for shudder?
  2. tremble
  3. blink
  4. snore
  5. breathe


  1. How old do you think the person might be in this poem?

Give reasons why you think this.


Word Work:

Synonyms are words with the same or similar meaning. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Read through the following and match appropriately.


Geography (Map reading-using symbols and keys)

Maps and plans are used to represent real life areas at a smaller scale. This makes them useful for navigation and locating places. Creating smaller representations of the real world means that it is not practical to identify all objects on maps and plans using photographs or written descriptions. We therefore use symbols to represent items on the map, showing what and where, along with other useful information such as heights.

Many maps use different symbols. The most commonly used are those from the Ordnance Survey maps.


Treasure map As the navigator on Captain Blackbeard’s pirate ship you have been asked to draw up a map of the island where your captain intends to hide his captured treasure. You have sailed the coast and drawn the outline of the island, but now you must explore the island.

Use symbols to show what you find in the island. This should include:

You may find other things to mark on the map while you are exploring as well.

Unfortunately, Captain Blackbeard doesn’t like your map. He can’t understand what the symbols mean and has asked you for a key to show what the symbols are.

Next, try this quiz



This week we are going to revisit word problems using fractions. Remember

to find a fraction of a number you divide by the bottom number and multiply by the top number. This is because the denominator tells us how much to break the whole into and the numerator tells us how much of the whole we are talking about.

Use this method to help you answer these questions.

  1. ⅕ of 20 = ___
  2. ⅛ of 16 = ___
  3. ⅙ of 18 = ___
  4. ⅓ of 30 = ___
  5. ¼ of 32 = ___
  6. ⅓ of 27 = ___
  7. ⅕ of 25 = ___
  8. ⅛ of 24 = ___
  9. ½ of 36 = ___
  10. ¼ of 36 = ___


  1. There are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for of the day. How much time should we spend sleeping?


  1. The National History Museum has collected 125 dinosaurs. George has collected 3/5 of this amount. How many dinosaurs has George collected?


  1. Mr Jones is 184cm tall and his sister Sarah is as tall as him. How tall is Sarah?


  1. The weather forecaster says that it is 200° C in London but only 7/10 as hot in New York. How hot is it in New York?


  1. Skateboards cost £36 each in my local store. The shopkeeper says if I buy one I can buy another for only 7/9 of the normal price. How much would two skateboards cost?


  1. Billy collected 256 conkers on Monday and 124 on Tuesday but lost ¾ of the total on his way to school on Wednesday through a hole in his bag. When he arrived at school how many conkers did Billy have left?


  1. There are 25 pupils in the class, 3/5 of the pupils support Chelsea, 1/5 support Hull, the remainder support Arsenal. How many pupils support each team?


  1. The local shop normally sells Mars bars for 40 pence. The shopkeeper says if I buy 3 I can have them for ¼ less than the normal price.

(i) How much can I buy 3 Mars bars for?

(ii) How much does each Mars bar cost?


  1. Last year, Mr Morris weighed 60 kg. This year he weighs 2/5 more. How much does Mr Morris weigh this year?


  1. McDonalds sell milkshakes in two sizes. A small milkshake contains 300ml and a large milkshake contains 2/3 more.

(i) How much does a large milkshake contain?

(ii) If Mr Cole drinks 2/3 of a small milkshake and Miss James 1/2 of a large milkshake who drinks the most?



Weekly Do’s/Important websites

Spelling – revisit/revise words these words that have the soft ci pattern. Use a dictionary to check the meanings of words in red.



Write sentences to show how you would use these in your writing. Practise look/cover/write/check/; word ladder; dice games (the ones you remember)



These are the two online primary websites which are used by Godre’rgraig class teachers and children. These are the most effective for your child’s learning and will be linked to their age and ability. Your children will be familiar with these and the majority will be able to use independently after the initial set-up.

Children will need passwords and username details which were sent previously via Schoop.